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Space Case Grinders


When you need to tackle herb grinding on a serious level you should opt for a sifter grinder and this range of Space Case grinders is perfect. Whether you are a professional chef or you are just starting out, you will never go back to simply chopping herbs with a knife after you have tried one of these. All you need to do is place the herbs in the top and turn and the fine particles will sift down to be collected in the base section.

The Space Case Sifter Grinders come in a range of sizes and have been designed to a very high specification. You can ask a lot of these grinders and they will deliver, lasting for many years, so they are a great investment for anyone serious about producing great dishes.

A popular choice is the extra small grinder. As with other models there are four sections, the first of which is the lid that includes the teeth, allowing it to group onto the next section using the magnets. There are more teeth in the lower part of the grinder and there are holes so that the ground herb can fall through to the lower compartments. The herb sifts down and is collected at the bottom. The casings are made from aerospace aluminium, giving the strength to last for years. When fastened, the unit is airtight so if you need to you can grind the herbs and leave them in there for a while.

Included in the range is the small, medium and large unit, making a great family of grinders from the Space Case range. Even the large is unobtrusive and can easily be stored in your kitchen without taking up a lot of space. The units are stylish with clean lines and the chrome finish can be kept clean and tarnish-free for many years.