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Cookies Harvest Club

Cookies Harvest Club Smoking & Stash accesories

Cookies is a company started by San Francisco based musician and cannabis entrepreneur Berner (Gilbert Milam) and is destined to spark fire within the budding fashion industry. The companys groundbreaking accessory line features smoking essentials like storage containers, custom ashtrays, rolling trays, key chains and a variety of innovative smell proof bags backpacks, duffel bags &, lunch bags. A full fledge line of contemporary cut-in-sew apparel is slated for 2015 production. Through Cookies new management team and fast forward growth plans, the revolutionary clothing company is firmly positioned to lead, inspire and promote its game changing fashion DNA. And since the next revolution might not be televised or tweeted, Cookies SF is committed to making sure it will be worn.

Cookies specialise in stash and storage jars to make your herbs and materials last even longer, and even have endant loops so that they can be worn with an added chain or leather thong as a cool fashion accessory.