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Digital Scales

Welcome to Shiva Online's Digital Scales category, where precision and reliability are at the heart of our expansive selection. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast in need of exact measurements, a hobbyist requiring detailed accuracy, or a professional seeking robust weighing solutions, our range includes the latest in digital scale technology. Each scale is carefully chosen to ensure superior performance and durability, backed by detailed product insights and supported by warranties. Trust Shiva Online to deliver digital scales that are as precise as they are practical, helping you achieve perfect results with every measure.


How accurate are digital scales?

Digital scales can measure weight accurately and precisely, with many models capable of measuring in increments as small as 0.1 gram. They are also often more compact and lightweight than traditional mechanical scales, making them easy to store and transport.

How do digital scales work?

Digital scales typically consist of a weighing platform, sensors that measure the weight of the object, and a digital display that shows the weight measurement. Some models also have additional features such as tare functions, which allow the user to subtract the weight of the container or packaging material from the overall weight measurement.

What are digital scales used for?

Digital scales are electronic weighing devices that use digital technology to measure the weight of an object or substance - such as herbs or tobacco. They are widely used in various settings such as kitchens, laboratories, and retail stores for measuring ingredients, chemicals, and products.

What should I look for when choosing digital scales?

Choose a scale with a clear and easy-to-read display. Some scales have large digital displays or backlit screens for better visibility. Make sure the scale measures weight in the units you prefer, such as pounds or kilograms. Some higher end scales have additional features like body composition analysis, automatic shut-off, or Bluetooth connectivity. Consider what additional features you may need or find useful.

Welcome to the Digital Scales section of Shiva Online

Where precision meets practicality in every measurement. Our extensive collection of digital scales caters to various needs, from pocket-sized scales for on-the-go accuracy to robust kitchen and bench scales for more stationary requirements. Whether you are a culinary enthusiast, a crafts hobbyist, or need precise measurements for any other purpose, our digital scales deliver clear-cut calculations every time.

Our Range of Digital Scales

Pocket and Mini Scales: Ideal for those needing high precision on the move, our selection includes models like the On Balance Flex Digital Mini Scale and the Chongz SQ500 Mini Digital Platform Scale. These compact scales are perfect for measurements requiring accuracy up to a hundredth of a gram, ensuring you get precise readings wherever you are.

Kitchen and Bench Scales: For larger scale projects, the On Balance KB-2000 Versatile Kitchen Scale and the On Balance CBS-3000 Multi-Purpose Compact Bench Scale offer reliability and high capacity. These scales are essential for anyone serious about cooking or needing consistent accuracy for bulkier items.

Specialty Scales: Unique needs require specific solutions like our On Balance CD Scale, which combines discretion with functionality, or the On Balance SBM-100 Rasta Mini Silicone Bowl Digital Scale for mess-free measuring of powders or liquids.

Product Highlights

  • On Balance Truweigh Digital Mini Scale – From only £14.99, get precise measurements for your day-to-day needs without breaking the bank.
  • Head Chef Digital Scales – These scales start at just £18.99 and offer dependable accuracy for culinary experts and novices alike.
  • RAD RZ Series – Known for their robust build and reliable performance, these scales provide precision whether you're measuring for recipes or crafts.
  • On Balance WA-5000 Wave Washdown Digital Scale – At £59.99, this model is designed to withstand harsh environments, perfect for both industrial use and serious culinary setups.

Why Choose Shiva Online?

Expertise and Quality: At Shiva Online, we understand the importance of accuracy. Our scales are carefully selected from reputable manufacturers ensuring you receive products that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Affordable Options: We believe in making precision accessible. With scales priced to fit any budget, you don’t have to compromise on quality.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: With features like a 3-year manufacturer warranty on select models, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident.

Explore, our complete range today and discover why Shiva Online is the preferred choice for digital scales that promise accuracy, versatility, and reliability. Whether you are measuring for professional purposes or personal projects, our scales are here to ensure every gram counts.

Content Created: 08/05/2024