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Welcome to our Lighters category, where functionality meets innovation. Discover an extensive selection of high-quality lighters tailored for various needs, from classic Zippos with their unmistakable click to modern electric lighters that offer flameless convenience. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast in need of a windproof option, a culinary artist looking for a precise torch, or a collector seeking unique designs, our range caters to every preference. Each product is chosen for its reliability, safety, and style, ensuring that you receive only the best. Explore our collection today and find the perfect lighter to enhance your daily rituals and special occasions alike.

Lighters & Jet Flame Lighters From Shiva Online

Where we offer a sophisticated selection of lighters designed to cater to both everyday users and enthusiasts alike. Our diverse range of products ensures that whether you are lighting a cigarette, starting a campfire, or igniting a gourmet torch in the kitchen, you have the right tool for the job.

Why Choose Our Lighters?

At our store, safety and quality are paramount. All our lighters comply with BS EN ISO 9994 (Lighter safety standards) and are child-resistant. Our selection spans from economical options to luxury models, ensuring that you can find a lighter that perfectly fits your style and budget. Whether you are a dedicated follower of fashion or need a reliable tool that guarantees performance, our lighters are crafted to meet the highest standards of durability and functionality.

Types of Lighters and Their Technical Specifications:

1. Traditional Flame Lighters (Zippo):

  • Mechanism: Utilises a flint wheel ignition system where a spark ignites a wick soaked in lighter fluid, contained in a windproof casing.
  • Material: Typically made from metal, Zippos are durable and can be refilled with lighter fluid, making them long-lasting.
  • Features: Windproof design that makes them highly effective in outdoor conditions. Zippos are known for the distinctive "click" sound when opened and closed.

2. Electric and USB Lighters:

  • Mechanism: Operates on electricity, generating a small arc of electric current between electrodes or heating an element to ignite materials.
  • Power Source: Rechargeable via USB, which powers an internal battery. This method eliminates the need for fuel, reducing waste and dependency on fossil fuels.
  • Features: Often flameless, electric lighters can be windproof and moisture-resistant. Ideal, for precision lighting needs and can be used in adverse weather conditions.

3. Hemp Wick Lighters:

  • Composition: Made from natural hemp fibres coated in beeswax, hemp wick offers a natural way to light smoking materials without inhaling butane or other chemicals from traditional lighters.
  • Usage: The wick is lit, and then used to light pipes, candles, or incense, providing more control over the flame and reducing the risk of burns from direct lighter contact.
  • Benefits: Produces a lower temperature flame for a more enjoyable smoking experience, preserving the flavours and aromas of herbs.

4. Speciality Torches (Blazer and Headchef Torches):

  • Mechanism: Utilises butane as fuel to produce a consistent and adjustable jet flame.
  • Features: These torches often include features like a lock for continuous flame, precision flame control, and ergonomic design for ease of use.
  • Applications: Beyond lighting, these torches are used for culinary purposes such as caramelising sugars, browning meringues, or for craft and repair work that requires a concentrated high heat.

5. Butane Lighters:

  • Fuel: Uses butane, a liquefied gas, which provides a clean-burning flame.
  • Features: Typically includes options for flame adjustment and can come in refillable models. Butane lighters are portable, with many offering wind resistance.
  • Variants: Includes subtypes like jet flame lighters which produce a sharp blue flame ideal for lighting in windy conditions.

6. Novelty and Collectible Lighters:

  • Design: Often feature unique, artistic designs or licensed themes. These lighters can be limited editions and are valued as collectables.
  • Functionality: While they serve as functional lighters, the emphasis is often on aesthetics and collectibility rather than advanced technical features.

Our diverse selection of lighters offers options tailored to meet various needs, from everyday utility to specialised applications. Understanding these technical details helps our customers choose a lighter that not only meets their practical requirements but also aligns with their personal preferences or professional needs. Whether you seek a rugged outdoor lighter or a sophisticated accessory, our range is designed to cater to your lighting needs with precision and reliability.

Content Created: 08/05/2024