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The Elements brand of smoking accessories is the ideal choice if you want to be sure that you are buying quality. From filters to papers and rolling accessories, almost everything you need can be found under the Elements brand.

A great example is the Elements Ultra-Thin Rice Papers Connoisseurs pack. Each pack has 33 papers and paper tips. You can pick these up as a single packet or you can buy in bulk, investing in a box of 24 packs. These packs are perfect as they have everything that you need and the papers themselves will not interfere with the taste while smoking.

You can also invest in a rolling tray if you want to try to avoid some of the mess that is inevitable when you roll your own cigarettes. The Elements Metal Rolling Tray could be the just the thing that you are looking for. Ideal for keeping everywhere tidy, you can really cut down on waste; any tobacco you drop while rolling will land in the tray and can just be reused.

Inspired by the 70s CLUB tray, this metal rolling tray is considered one of the best on the market and a must for any smoker who prefers to roll their own cigarettes.