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Flat Grinders

Whichever choice of flat grinder tickles your fancy; you will never be caught short in being unable to show off your cooking skills again - no matter the time or place, you can whip out your grinder and grind there and then. In addition, you can do it in style with Shiva Online.


What are advantages of a flat herb grinder?

The advantage of using a flat herb grinder is that they are very easy to use and produce a consistent, finely ground material. Additionally, because they are flat, they are often more compact and easier to store than other types of grinders, making them a great option for those who are short on space.

How do I choose a flat herb grinder?

When choosing a flat herb grinder, it is important to consider factors like the size of the grinder, the quality of the materials used to make it, and the number of teeth on the inside of the grinder. Some flat herb grinders also come with additional features like kief catchers, which allow you to collect the powdery substance that accumulates in the bottom of the grinder, which can be used for later use.

What are flat herb grinders?

Flat herb grinders are small, compact devices used to grind herbs and other materials. They consist of two flat pieces with teeth on the inside that grind the herb as you twist them together. These grinders are often made from durable materials like aluminium or titanium, and can come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small enough to fit in your pocket to larger ones that are designed for home use.

Flat Card Grinders

Flat grinders give you the ultimate edge with their portability, practicality and how handy they are. They also come in a wide range of cool designs and varying models - so you can stamp your personality on your grinder, too. Unlike heftier grinders, Shiva's choice of flat grinders are each the same size and shape of your credit card, meaning that they slip easily and unnoticed into your wallet, purse or pocket without weighing you down. A great gift for either yourself or a fellow culinary enthusiast, our flat grinders come in the form of either a sharp card grinder, flat leaf key ring grinder or our credit card sized and aptly named, flat grinder.

Sharp card grinders, as the name suggests, slip easily into a card slot in your purse or wallet. They are made from surgical grade stainless steel and are fantastic value for money as they are extremely durable - and could potentially last you a lifetime! If you want all this but in the portability of a key ring, then look no further than our flat grinder leaf key ring. Also made of surgical grade stainless steel, simply grate your culinary herbs over the design and you are ready to cook. Alternatively, you could choose a Shiva flat grinder; which with their finger friendly and resin resistant finish, give you total control over the consistency of your herbs. This range comes in a range of cool designs - which now includes the limited edition Alice in Grinderland range.