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If you are a first-rate chef, you'll need a first-rate grinder to grind your finest herbs! Head Chef grinders come in various sizes - from mini Head Chef grinders to large 5 part Head Chef grinders.

Headchef Smoking Products

If youre looking for a top quality, long lasting metal grinder; but also want to stick to a budget, our Head Chef range of grinders will be right up your street. Our selection comes in a variety of fun colours and sizes, meaning that whatever your taste, there is sure to be something in our collection that tickles your fancy. The full range of anodised aluminium grinders each contain super sharp teeth that easily and effectively tear up and pulverise your herbs and spices. In addition, they look great whilst doing so.

Browse Shivas extensive collection of Head Chef grinders and choose from models such as the Head Chef mini grinder (also available as the Head Chef mini sifter grinder), the Head Chef medium sifter grinder, the Head Chef large grinder (also available as the Head Chef large sifter grinder) and the Head Chef sifter grinder available in either 40mm or 50mm. Models such as the large Head Chef grinder come in a choice of metal whether you prefer the anodised red outer (comprising of fine-ribbed aluminium) or chrome (made from lightweight metal with a chrome-like sheen) you can bet your bottom dollar that your grinder will perform time and time again. Built to last, these metal grinders pulverise whatever you throw at them, each boasting magnetised and extra sharp teeth to achieve consistently superb results. The sifter grinders within this range also all come with a complementary scraper, to help you collect your herbs and clean out your product after its use.

Combining modern colours, sleek design, impressive functions and varying sizes, the Head Chef range of grinders is a firm favourite and an all-round great performer.

Head Chef Samurai 55mm Sifter Grinder

Head Chef produces both first-rate grinders and stash collections. You can buy a top quality grinder for an affordable cost from Head Chef. Its grinders come in a range of colours and sizes; there is sure to be one to suit your taste. The grinders are made from anodised aluminium with sharp teeth on the inside ensuring you can grind your choice of herbs or spices into a great smoke.

Head Chef grinders include the mini-grinder, medium sifter grinder, large grinder and sifter grinder. You can choose from anodised red outer grinders, made with a fine-ribbed aluminium coating, or lightweight metal with chrome sheen. The inner sharp grinding teeth are sturdy and magnetised, giving you the chance to shred most herbs and spices within a matter of seconds. The sifter grinders in the Head Chef range include a complementary scraper, so you can gather up your herbs and spices after they have been shredded.

Head Chef Speedy G Grinder

The Stash Collection is a great accessory to your top quality Head Chef grinders. Choose from one of the collection’s stash pots to keep your tobacco, herbs or spices packed in an airtight, dry environment. The stash pots are ideal for when you are out and about, although they are also great to use in the home.