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Aluminium Smoking Pipes

If you want a basic pipe that still gives you a great hit, then check out our range of aluminium pipes. Basic they may be, but all the pipes are functional and certainly eye catching with their bright colours. Therefore, if you want a pipe that is easy on the pocket but still gets the job done, then our colourful aluminium pipes will be the answer.

Lightweight Aluminium Smoking Pipes

The Aluminium Sit-up Perspex Mirror Pipe comes in a range of fantastic colours. It has a solid base, so if you like to lay back and relax whilst smoking, you can set the pipe down on a flat surface between tokes. The stem of each of the pipes has an inlaid mirror design, and its base is clear Perspex with a wind cap.

The Anodized Swivel Pipe is a small brightly coloured pipe that is ideal for travelling. Its compact design means that it will easily fit in your pocket. To smoke, all you need to do is swivel the top round to reveal the bowl. The top protects the bowl whilst the pipe is being carried, so you can keep your stash in the bowl ready for a smoke.

The Astro Pipe is certainly eye catching, not only for its bright colour but also its design. The pipe has a round base, which means that it can stand on its own. It also has a medium-sized bowl, rounded mouthpiece and slim barrel.

The Gauzeless Pipe is deceptively simple looking. Coming in a range of bright colours, this pipe has a unique design, so it does not require a screen. Inside, there is a small cone in the centre of the bowl, and the smoke travels around its edge. The bowl can be unscrewed for easy cleaning.

Organic marijuana is a naturally occurring product, and users rate it as better than its synthetic counterpart. So, for a better smoke, choose natural marijuana and one of our great aluminium pipes to go with it.