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Electric Grinders

Feeling a little lazy? Want to relax? Then chances are that an electric grinder is the right choice for you. Electric grinders are there to do the hard work for you ¢â‚¬â€œ all you have to do is pop in your herbs or spices, close the lid and switch your grinder on. Our wide range of electric grinders will grind your culinary herbs, beans and spices to a fine powder in just a few seconds.


How do electric herb grinders work?

Electric herb grinders usually consist of a motorized grinding mechanism that is enclosed in a housing. The grinding mechanism typically consists of one or more blades that spin rapidly to chop or grind the herbs, depending on the desired texture. Some electric herb grinders also come with different grinding settings, allowing you to choose between a coarse or fine grind.

Are electric grinders better than manual?

One of the benefits of using an electric herb grinder is that they can grind herbs much faster than manual grinders, which can be a time-consuming process. They are also much easier to use than manual grinders, as you simply need to press a button or switch to start the grinding process.

Do electric grinders give consistent results?

Another benefit of electric herb grinders is that they are often more consistent in their grinding performance than manual grinders, which can produce uneven results depending on how much pressure you apply while grinding.

What sorts of style do electric grinders come in?

Electric herb grinders are available in a range of sizes, styles, and price points, so you can choose one that best suits your needs and budget. Some models are designed specifically for grinding herbs, while others can also be used for grinding spices, coffee beans, and other materials.

Electric Herb Grinders

Choose from Shiva's range of metal electric grinders, acrylic electric grinders or a grinder attachment to complement your current set-up, e.g. for your vaporiser. A metal electric grinder, such as the Maglite metal electric grinder, is reassuringly weighty at 149g, powerful and contains solid metal teeth which spin at 18000 revs per minute. Rather like a mini food processor, the metal teeth will tear and pulverise your herbs and spices to shreds. Acrylic electric grinders, such as our Easyleaf electric grinder in deluxe acrylic, are compact, powerful and grind your herbs very finely indeed. This model runs off a 9v motor and collects your best residue in its lid, ready for your culinary enjoyment. Alternatively, models such as our Atmos grinder attachment are made to complement your Atmos vaporiser (suitable for pretty much for any Atmos vape which uses an Atmos RX battery.) This electric attachment also relieves you of manually having to grind your herbs - powerfully grinding them for you, to the optimum consistency for use in your vaporiser.

Electric grinders pretty much do the same job as any other kind of grinder - but ten times faster and with ten times less effort required from you. Whether you choose a grinder attachment or a metal or deluxe acrylic model, you'll never have to lift a finger again.