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Plant Extractors & Bubble Bags

Explore the precision and efficiency of botanical extraction with our premier range of plant extractors and bubble bags at Shiva Online. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned expert, our carefully curated tools, including multi-size Bubble Bags and high-efficiency extractors like the Honey Bee, are designed to optimise your extraction process, ensuring maximum yield and purity from your botanical materials.

Explore Advanced Plant Extraction with Shiva Online's Comprehensive Extraction Tools

Dive deeper into the art of botanical extraction with Shiva Online's extensive range of plant extractors and bubble bags, meticulously designed to suit various extraction needs. Our collection features the Bubble Bags Lite, which come in multiple sizes to accommodate different scales of extraction, from personal use to larger batches. The Cannaflex Multi-Micron Siever Screens are expertly crafted for precise resin separation, enhancing yield and purity. For connoisseurs of essential oils and waxes, the Honey Bee Extractor stands out with its superior extraction efficiency, ensuring high-quality outputs without the use of solvents. These tools are crafted with precision engineering to optimise your extraction process, making them indispensable for both beginners and professionals looking to achieve the best results from their botanical materials.

Content Created: 02/07/2024