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Steel Smoking Pipes

Steel Smoking Pipes, Pocket Sized

At Shiva, we have an impressive range of steel pipes. These items are ideal for anyone who wants a no-fuss pipe that gets the job done. Another advantage of our steel pipes is that they can be easily taken apart for cleaning, and anything that makes cleaning less of a chore is certainly welcome.

The Windproof Fat Transparent US Pipe is a sturdy pipe with a transparent section in the stem that allows you to see the smoke as it travels from the bowl. Another great feature of this pipe is the windproof cap, which means that you can smoke outside and watch the stars even on a windy night! Finally, but importantly, this pipe is easy to disassemble and clean.

The Castle Pipe is certainly fit for a king. Made from a dark wood and steel, the pipe is built to last. Wood is a naturally occurring material, and polishing brings out the beautiful grain of the wood that enhances the already very attractive curved bowl. The join and mouthpiece are made from durable steel. Altogether, this is a sturdy and classy pipe.

The Metal Thing is a chunky, sturdy steel pipe that has a pleasing industrial appearance - think steam punk. A great feature of the Metal Thing pipe is its windproof cap that makes smoking outside no problem. Even when it is windy, you won't lose any of your tobacco. Another great feature of the pipe is that it is very simple to take apart and clean.

The hallmark of the Magnet Pipe is its clever design. The pipe comes in two magnetic pieces. This means that when the pipe is not being used, the two pieces can be taken apart and formed into a cube for carrying. Then when you want to smoke, simply take the two pieces apart and form them back into a pipe. The simple design of the pipe also makes it very easy to clean.