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OCB is a French brand of rolling papers, cones, and rolling accessories. The brand has been a leading provider of smoking tools since the early 1900s. The OCB papers range includes the Organic Hemp Slim and 4:20; Premium No. 1, Extra Long and Kingsize; X-Pert; and Crystal.

Organic Hemp Slim and 4:20 is an environmentally friendly alternative to rolling papers. It is made from organic hemp and does not contain any additives. The gum is 100% Arabic, the ink used on the packaging is vegetable-based and the container itself is made from recycled materials.

Premium No. 1, Extra Long and Kingsize is a fine flax paper. It is lightweight and ultra-thin. The Kingsize paper is 5cm in breadth, giving you great scope to role a cone.

X-Pert is ultra-thin and made with 100% organic Arabic gum. The paper burns slowly, prolonging your smoking pleasure and is super easy to roll.

Crystal is made with vegetable cellulose paper. It is tasteless and odourless and burns slowly.

OCB also sells a metal rolling machine and automatic rolling box. Both machines are easy to use and have a chunky, professional look. Manufacture your perfect smoke with OCB’s range of papers and rolling machines.

The Company and History

The origins of OCB date all the way back to 1822, when Nicolas Le Marié set up a paper mill on the banks of the River Odet. A second paper mill was set up in Cascadec in 1893. Finally, a descendant of Nicolas Le Marie's brother-in-law, Jean-Guillaume Bolloré, founded the OCB paper company in 1918. The name OCB is an acronym of Odet-Cascadec-Bolloré.

Since then, the papers have become amongst the most recognised and popular brands in the world, and are synonymous with quality.