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For pipes that are vibrant and really stand out from the crowd, try the Neon Glass Bent Smokey Pipe. Coming in orange, yellow and green shades, the pipes are fun to look at, and their old school styling makes them easy to use whilst providing better flavour and a cleaner smoke.

Glass Smoking Pipes

Glass pipes are made by blowing the glass into a design of the maker's choosing. This means that it is possible to create some truly stunning pipes. Therefore, if you are looking for a pipe that is unique and a great talking point, then a glass pipe might just fit the bill. In our range of glass pipes, we have some truly brilliant pipes that will blow you away. For example, our colour changing glass pipes turn different colours the more you smoke, creating a truly unique pipe. If you want to express your love of wildlife, then why not check out our range of glass pipes blown in the shape of animals. These also change colour over time the more they are used. We also have in our range some ROOR steamroller pipes. ROOR are justly renowned for their outstanding glassware, so if you are looking for a high-quality pipe, then look no further.

The Fish Design Colour Changing Pipe is not just a great pipe, but it is also a fantastic glass design that would not look out of place in a display cabinet. In addition to its great design, the glass changes colour the more you smoke. As you use the pipe, more of the colour appears and your pipe becomes a vibrant rainbow of colours.

Our glass pipes range in size and price. The Mini Glass Steamroller Pipe is a small pipe that would be ideal for travel but can also be used at home. This simple pipe comes in two sizes. The small measures four inches in length, whilst the extra small is just three inches in length. When using these pipes, you cover the hole at the end of the pipe, allow the chamber to fill with smoke and then release it for a heavy quick hit.

Choose organic, naturally occurring marijuana and one of our glass pipes for a great smoke.