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Novelty Grinders

Just because herb and spice grinders are practical in their role, doesn't mean that they have to be boring or lack character. Our great range of novelty grinders still boast all the same practicality and functionality as those from alternative ranges, but combine this with a little humour. Add a sprinkling of fun to your kitchen and brighten up cooking with a novelty grinder from Shiva - the UK's best online head shop.

Small Novelty Pocket Herb Grinders

Whether you are looking to jazz up your own culinary collection or to pick out a grinder as a gift for a fellow enthusiast, we have a range to suit every taste. Our selection includes models such as the hand grenade sifter grinder, the icon sifter grinder and our special range of silver bling grinders.

Our hand grenade sifter grinder - as well as looking extremely cool - comes with sharp teeth to grind whatever is put in its path and a sifter to collect the most potent and finely ground parts of your herbs and spices. It also comes with a complementary scraper to help with the collecting of herbs and in cleaning out your grinder once it's been used. Our icon sifter grinders come with a choice of iconic figure incorporated in the design - choose between Bob Marley or Che Guevara. Once your ingredients are ground, they pass through a very fine mesh which sifts only the finest parts of your herbs and spices; we believe every chef should have one!

Alternatively, you could choose a design from our special range of silver bling grinders and add a little sparkle to your life. Covered in decorative gems, this range of grinders make short work of pulverising your herbs and the inner inbuilt mesh partition only allows for the smallest and most potent parts of the herb to fall through into the collection base. Use these herbs as they appear or store them here for later - it's your call!