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Pre-Rolled Cones

Having been established in the Netherlands in 2001, Jware's founder, a former coffee shop owner later relocated the company to the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia. Jware's ethos is based on supplying its customers with quality products at affordable prices and carrying on its business with the maximum amount of transparency and professionalism

In addition to producing and marketing handmade conical pre-rolled papers and integrated filters the company also manufactures its own Knockbox herb filling system.

In keeping with its policy of using only the highest quality materials Jware's pre-rolled papers are made of the thinnest possible cigarette paper, which is virtually translucent. The glue used in the assembly process is high quality food grade and is applied in a line just 0.5mm wide.

The Jware range of cones

You can purchase cones in six sizes; Mega, Super, party, B-52, King and Reefer.

Reefers are 98mm long and sold in packs of three and 20, making them the perfect choice if you only smoke a little at a time.

Kings are 109mm long and sold in packs of three, 12, 32 60 and 100. They are particularly popular with average smokers.

B-52s are 130mm long and sold in packs of 12. These cones are wider than others in the range and therefore have a higher fill capacity than their length might suggest. These cones are a great option if you like to share your smoking experience with someone else.

Party are 140mm long and sold packs of three and 16. As the name suggests, if you are arranging a small party this is the cone for you.

Supers are 180mm long and sold in packs of three. The ideal solution if you are likely to be sharing with several friends at large parties and get-togethers.

Megas are 280mm long and sold in packs of two. If you are out to stun everyone in sight this is the cone for you.

Remember, if you happen to be holidaying in Bali you could always drop in and take a look around the Jware facility.