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Stash Gear

The best place to hide something from the prying eyes of others is to wrap it up and bury it beneath a secret panel in the floor, isn't it? We at Shiva think there's a much better solution: hide it in plain sight.

That doesn't mean simply letting it all hang loose and draped on the coffee table. We've got a range of solutions that offer superb privacy while cunningly disguised as ordinary household products. OK, so it's a little crafty, but if you have a private life with private delights that you take a little innocent pleasure in every so often, it makes sense to be discrete. One person's pleasure can be another's poison, so keeping your little treasures to yourself can spare a lot of unnecessary judgement and bother.

Take a look at a few of our simple offerings, like our Gillette Shaving Foam Can. On the face of it, it's just a can of shaving foam like any other. But it's got a little secret: lift this humble little canister out of the bathroom cabinet and you'll find a secret cylindrical chamber of generous proportions simply by unscrewing the base. Just don't expect to get any shaving foam out of it!

Or check out our Stash Fire Extinguisher. It won't look out of place in any kitchen but like the last item, it won't emit any foam either. Twist off the base and you'll find a pleasingly large stash chamber.

Our Socket Safe takes secret stashing to a whole new level of ingenuity. To anyone other than you, it looks like an ordinary double electrical socket. But you'll be the only one who knows that if you flip down the fake front plate, you'll open a little stash chamber that's perfect for keeping precious items safely out of sight.

Hide in plain sight - but be crafty.