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Volcano Vaporizer & Accessories

Storz & Bickel are still considered the best herbal vaporizing company on the market. And their Volcano Vaporizer has to be king of all home desktop vaporizer units. If you're looking for the best herbal vaporizer on the market, look no further! The Volcano is the one for you!

Who Are Storz & Bickel

Storz and Bickel are one of the most widely known vaporizer companies in the world. Know for their iconic Volcano, which combines functionality, retro design and top class engineering.

Formed in Germany in 1996 by Markus Storz who had invented a “hot air extraction inhaler” he met Jurgen Bickel as one of his first customers. His business knowledge combined with increasing demand for the volcano vaporizer saw the quick expansion of the company. This saw increased sales with the company selling up to 50,000 of the original Volcano each month, solidifying them as household name across the globe. Since then, Storz & Bickel have filed more patents for their newer products such as the Volcano Digit, Plenty and more recently the Crafty and Mighty portable vaporizers. Recognised by DIN EN ISO 900 as a certified manufacturer of high quality products, Storz & Bickel present themselves as an innovative, growing company that puts integrity and quality first.

The Volcano

The Volcano vaporizer is instantly recognisable by it's spaceship like design and giant bags filled with tasty vapour. It is widely recognised by experts as the most technically advanced and professional vaporizers available. It features unique patented valve technology which transfers aroma enriched air into a balloon, which is then separated from the device and inhaled by the user.

The volcano comes in either the original analogue version, or the new digital version, which unlike the former, allows the user more accurate manipulation of temperature. Both units come supplied with either an easy valve or solid valve, which determines how the bags are attached to the unit. The solid valve is made from durable stainless steel and heat resistant plastic, allows you to determine the size of the balloon and replacement of said balloons is cheap. The easy valve is maintenance free and requires no cleaning as you just throw away the old bags and replace with the new ones, but the bags come in a pre set size. Either valve comes supplied with the units so the choice is up to you to decide which would suit you better, if you want easy maintenance go for the easy valve, but if you want durable economy go for the solid.

Replacement Parts

Another amiable thing about the Storz & Bickel vaporizers is their extensive range of spare parts to be able to maintain your unit. This helps to increase the longevity of your vaporizer, making it more economical for you to invest in their technology.

Wear and tear kits are offered for every vaporizer including the Solid & Easy Valves, Plenty and Crafty & Mighty. These include all the essential bits you need to maintain your vaporizers including screens, ‘O' rings and many other parts. Replacement chargers and battery packs can be bought for the portable vaporizers. Storz & Bickel also offer a warranty and repair service second to none, offering a 3 year warranty on the home units and a 2 year warranty on the portable ones.

Crafty Vs Mighty

Here at Shiva customers are regularly asking us the differences between the Crafty & Mighty, wondering it is worth spending the difference for the more expensive unit. Well, it all depends on your needs as a vaporist.

The functionality of both the vaporizers is very similar. They both use a combination of convection and conduction heating, have the same vapour paths and have the same chamber size. The only slight difference is the size of the Mighty's cooling unit, yet the temperature difference is almost too small to notice when in use. The Crafty is the smaller of the two, measuring in at 4.3 inches tall, 1.3 inches wide and 2.2 inches deep, it also only weighs 135 grams. This makes it extremely portable as it is small enough and light enough to easily fit in your pocket. The mighty is quite a bit larger measuring in at 5.5 inches tall, 3.2 inches wide and 1.2 inches deep. It also weighs 95 grams more than the crafty. It is still super portable and can fit in a large pocket, but some may find it more comfortable to carry it in a bag or purse.

The second main difference between the two units is the battery life and charging times. The Crafty's battery capacity allows for around 3-4 10 minute sessions on a full charge and chargers via USB. It also offers a pass-through feature, yet it needs at least 20% of battery to be able to use it whilst it is charging. Because it charges via USB it means it can be connected to a portable battery pack, meaning you can charge it whilst out and about, unlike the mighty. The Mighty offers around 8 10 minutes sessions, double that of the Crafty, but can not be charged via USB. It does also offer a pass through feature, so if you are near a mains socket you can vape whilst it is charging. The mighty, because of its double lithium ion batteries, heats up in almost half the time of the mighty Then comes the functionality and temperature control. The Crafty connects Via Bluetooth to your smart phone, where via an app you can manipulate the temperature and play around with other settings. This makes it feel super convenient, especially in this day and age where most people have their phone in their hand all day long. The mighty on the other hand has buttons and a display screen on the actual unit, meaning you can set the temperature whilst it is in your hand. The buttons are also high quality, and it feels great being able to customise your vaping experience throughout the session. In conclusion, with only a £37 pound difference between the two it comes down to personal preference, whether you want true portability or increased battery life.

The Storz and Bickel produced Volcano Classic Vaporizer is the daddy of all home use vaporizers, the standard by which all others are judged. This high quality plug-in unit in attractive metallic finish is distinguished by its disposable balloon delivery method. Where other vaporizers use a tube, hose or "whip" for direct inhalation, the Volcano is unique in that the vapour is inhaled from a detachable balloon. Simply preheat the unit for three to five minutes then insert your ground substance of choice into the chamber. After further heating attach the balloon to the chamber, whereupon the balloon will fill with vapour. When the desired density is achieved, remove the balloon and the chamber together, and then separate the valve from the chamber and connect it to your mouthpiece. Inhale the contents in as many stages as you choose for up to ten minutes.

The advantages of the balloon method are simple; there is hardly any wastage, and as almost no vapour escapes there is also almost no odour. Vaporizing is far less harmful to your lungs than smoking, and with a Volcano vaporizer the dangers of passive smoking are non-existent. The Volcano Classic comes in both easy valve and solid valve versions, as does its high tech cousin the Volcano Digit Vaporizer. Here every stage of the process can be accurately controlled and monitored thanks to the extra-large digital LED display, providing ultra-precise timing and temperature control.

Also available are the battery powered Mighty, Krafty and Plenty portable handheld vaporizers, offering the same level of satisfaction as Volcano's larger models in compact, transportable units. We also stock the Solid Valve Starter Kit that gives you everything you need to convert your existing easy valve Volcano Vaporizer, plus a wide range of accessories and replacement parts, from screens, filters, pads and valves to herb mills and those all-important replacement balloons.