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Rolling Papers & Cones

We have a huge selection of different papers to make sure you get the smoothest and most flavoursome smoke. Can't roll? No problem. We offer a huge range of pre rolled cones that are ideal for any beginner or anyone thats pressured for time. We have lots of brands and loads of flavours so get picking now - with FREE DELIVERY on some items in the United Kingdom.

Rolling Papers When it comes to experience and knowledge of papers and cones, we suggest you take a look in our web site and the range from one of the oldest rolling paper companies in the world called Smoking. We also stock a huge selection of papers from other, newer brands as well. Rizla is a household name in the United Kingdom and a brand well respected for their cigarette rolling papers and filter tips. French cigarette papers have been used since the early part of the last century favoured by smokers both here and France. Bob Marley is a name that is very familiar and the rolling papers that carry his name are made from pure hemp and each one has a limited edition print, true paper for the connoisseur.

Our Rolling papers and cones web pages feature a complete range of products seventeen different styles and include the very popular flavoured papers. If you find you need more practice at rolling papers, which you have not yet fully developed, we also stock pre-rolled cones and cigarette machines that do all the work for you, so you can sit back and enjoy your smoke.

Rolling paper sizes: which is right for me?

So you're confused about what rolling papers to choose. This is understandable, as there is a huge selection of options available. From kingsize to flavoured to Rolls and cones, it's difficult to find the right rolling papers for the right situation.

Rolling papers generally come in different widths and lengths. The most common being regular, which is the size of a normal roll your own cigarette. Then there comes 1 1/4 and 1 1/2, these are generally the same length as regular papers but have an extra quarter or half's worth of width. These are generally used by people who enjoy sharing a roll up of their favourite smoking blend with a friend.

Then comes the kingsize rolling papers, these are further broken down into kingsize and kingsize slim which often causes confusion. Regular kingsize are equivalent to about 1 1/3 regular papers and are often as thick as a 1 1/2, whereas kingsize slim are about 1 1/2 times as long as a regular paper but about as wide as a 1 1/4. Kingsize and Kingsize slim papers are perfect for when you want to share a roll up between a few people, or maybe at a party. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, to smoke all to yourself!

Then comes the Rips, these come in rolls which you can pull to any length you desire, allowing you to make a roll up for any situation. These generally come in slim and wide which are equivalent to 1 1/2 and 1 1/4 and they come in varying different weights.

The weight of the rolling paper is another factor to take into consideration when trying to find the perfect rolling papers. The thickness of the paper determines the way that the roll up will burn, but also how much paper you will be inhaling. Thick papers tend to burn freely and stay lit whilst thin papers allow more air to flow through the roll up, making it burn slower and extinguish easier.

Choose the right Rolling Paper brand

To complicate things even further, different brands offer other unique selling points to their rolling papers, whether it be flavouring, the material they are made from or some other quirky feature like completely transparent paper from a brand like Aleda Each brand has their own selling point. There are big brand names such as RAW that offer niche products catered to certain groups of people, for example RAW make rolling papers that are completely unrefined, unbleached and made sustainably from hemp and non GMO crops. They have been so prolific and influential, creating a massive shift in the market, that older names such as OCB and Rizla have started to make their own versions of unrefined and hemp papers. A brand like Juicy Jay or Dragonfly make papers which are dipped in syrups to flavour them, and they are very popular in the United Kingdom.

Rolls or Booklets of rolling papers?

Rolls or Rips are a great solution for when you need different sized papers. They come rolled up in a little box and you roll out the length you need and then rip them off. This makes it super convenient for different occasions, whether you're rolling a personal one or a foot long one to share at party, it means you don't have to carry around a bunch of different papers for different occasions. These were made popular by the brand Rips but brands such as Greengo and even Juicy Jay have done their own twist on the concept.

Pre-rolled cones

The prevalence of pre-rolled cones over the past few years has been immense, with different rappers celebrities branding their own, they've become a massive craze in the smoking world. Cones are a quick and easy way to prepare one to smoke, as they are already rolled for you, you just have to fill them up. This has made smoking a bone a lot easier for people who struggle to roll, as they can just pull a cone out their pocket when they need one. They come in varying sizes such as kingsize and 1 1/4 and come in various types of paper, such as unbleached and lightweight. Not only are they for the smoker who can't roll, they can also be enjoyed by people who can roll, as a supreme alternative to a hand rolled stogie. This is because the paper and glue are prepared so perfectly that the cones burn evenly and smoothly the whole way down.

Whatever option you choose, we have a huge selection of rolling paper and filter tips for you - perhaps one of the biggest in the United Kingdom! We have been a trusted brand for years, as thousands of satisfied customers can attest.

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