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Cannabuds are the perfect goofy gift for any herbal enthusiast! Or why not simply collect them all yourself and have a whole family of Cannabuds! Bring them everywhere you go with the keyring version or jazz up your fridge with the Cannabuds magnets. And don't forget about the Funguys!

At Shiva, we have a range of cannabuds and funguys. Cannabuds are funny characters that are often shaped like a stoned cannabis leaf or a psychedelic mushroom. These zany characters are used to brighten up lots of different products, including ashtrays, key rings and pipes. Funguy pipes are quirky and a great talking point. The pipes can take their inspiration from a variety of sources. For example, Lewis Carroll’s Adventures of Alice in Wonderland is a great source for interesting characters, especially the caterpillar smoking his hookah. All the funguy pipes are very well made and are collectible pieces in their own right. So, if you want a pipe that is a little bit different and a conversation starter, then be sure to check out our range of funguy pipes.

Funguy pipes are made from material that is resistant to splinters and cracks. They are all highly decorated with excellent hand-finished details. The amount of attention paid to the design makes these pipes a great display piece as well as a fully functioning pipe. So not only will your pipe be great for smoking, but also when they are not in use, you can also display them on shelving, on the windowsill or in the middle of the room.

Marijuana is a naturally occurring product that has long been associated with the counter culture. Our Shiva funguy pipes are quirky, detailed and life-like, and they fit very well with the counter culture vibe. The pipes are all hand painted and made of polyresin. These friendly funguys now also have US Metal Chamber Pipes, which are a more durable alternative to glass pipes.

You can choose from four different designs: big hat, muncher, shady and smiler. Each pipe is finished to the highest standard, so why not collect all four and be the envy of your friends?