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Dabbing is now bigger than ever. So if you haven't already got what you need, pick up all your essentials right here! if you're an experienced dabber, we offer you all the most talked about devices and nails that are on the market. We make it our duty to keep our ears to the ground so you get the best and most up-to-date equipment possible!

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Dabbing essential oils has been around for over a decade, but only recently has this trend seemed to have taken off.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a method of flash vaporizing concentrated essential oils extracted from plants and herbs. They are truly the fastest and most efficient way to consume essential oils, and debatably also one of the healthiest, alongside normal vaporisation. The process of dabbing usually consists of a small amount of extract being placed onto a Nail or Skillet which has been heated by either a Torch or E-Nail and then inhaled through a waterpipe or “Rig”

What are the benefits of dabbing over smoking?

Because dabbing is essentially flash vaporization, it means that the consumer is not inhaling the harmful by-products of combustion which are associated with smoking. Smoke contains poisons such as tar, carbon monoxide, benzyprene and other heavy particulates that are created during combustion, whereas vapour only contains the evaporated essential oils that one is trying to consume. Also, because the essential oils extracted to dab with are so concentrated, it means the user does not have to consume as much product as they would through smoking which again is desirable, as we know inhaling anything other than air is not so healthy for us. Although, on the downside, there seem to be some negatives concerning the temperature dabs are consumed at. Oils are often dabbed at over 400 degrees Celsius, compared to normal vaporization which is usually around 180-210c, and this poses the risk of creating benzene, a cancer-causing chemical. There are many ways to avoid dabbing at high temperatures such as using accurate heating elements such as an E-nail or using a thermometer to gauge the temperature.

How are dabs made?

Dabs are made by extracting the essential oils from plants or herbs, using many different methods. Often a polar solvent such as Butane or Isopropyl alcohol is used, and the evaporated out of the product. This can be a dangerous method of extraction as the solvents can be volatile and/or flammable and if left in the product before dabbing, can cause some health issues. There are other ways of extracting essential oils without using solvents such as by using Bubble Bags or using a new technique called “Rosin Tech” which involves applying heat and pressure to the plants to force out the essential oils. We try and stock everything you would need for extraction here at Shiva which you can find over at our Extraction Equipment section

What equipment do I need to start dabbing?

Here at Shiva we aim to supply everything you will ever need to start dabbing such as nails, rigs and torches and even equipment to extract and make your own essential oils which you can find Here

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