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Rolling Accessories

More people are turning to roiling their own cigarettes for a number of reasons, for many they taste better and it is possible to add herbal products to your regular tobacco for personal preference.

Rolling Accessories

Add to that the ever increasing prices of standard cigarettes and it is easy to see why they are increasing in popularity. Of course not everyone is expert at rolling their own and at the accessories page you will be able to see many products that are designed to help you make that perfect roll up.

Just Looking at some of the many items, there are a number of cigarette rolling machines, which can be an incredible help when it comes to making handmade cigarettes. You can choose from standard and king-size rolling machines, rolling boxes which not only make a roll up easy, but they also keep your tobacco fresh and moist.

Perhaps you may prefer a rolling mat which is quite easy to use and we offer several from which you can choose. Alternatively, you could use our cone artist, very simple and the end result is perfect. Browse through the Rolling Accessories options and see the items that are designed to increase your enjoyment of a handmade cigarette.