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Enhancement Kits

Our Enhancement Kits will give you that extra length so you can achieve your full potential! They're all easy to use and affordable so you can get bigger without breaking the bank. We everything you need for the perfect size and the most pleasure!

Sometimes what you were born with just isn't enough, and that is where an enhancement kit can greatly help. Use on your own for solo play or with a partner for double the bedroom fun!

Most enlargers and enhancers work by creating a vacuum. This causes the tissue to swell, as well as increasing blood flow to the area and causing heightened sensation to the area. In the case of penis pumps this means increased and bigger erections, and for clitoral or nipple enhancers this means a gorgeous, enhanced appearance as well as much more sensitivity.

We have an enhancement kit for any sensitive areas that might need a little extra growth or sensitivity. People use these enhancement kits for a wide variety of reasons - nipple enhancement kits can even be used help treat inverted nipples as well as offering mind blowing pleasure! Likewise the penis enhancers and clitoral enhancers will offer increased size as well as incredible sensations!