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Storage Containers, Baggies and Stash Selection

If you're selling sweets or just want to keep them fresh, we have all the best containers right here. Or if your friends keep nicking your sweets without asking, why not check out our stash selection so you can hide everything in plain sight! And of course, sure your sweets don't smell with our smelly proof selection.

Storage space is great for keeping things in, all manner of things where you need to keep items away from prying eyes, or just want to ensure that goods are kept fresh such as herbs, spices, sweets or snuff. You will find a comprehensive selection of glass jars, books, and discreet containers such as torches which are both useful and practical, there at Shiva. We also stock perfume bottles for the ladies, for snuff administration under our stash selection page, in fact a whole range of all sorts of storage boxes and stash jars.

Why not use books that can be easily placed onto a bookshelf and you will have your personal items in full display, but who would know? Again who would believe that the innocent pile of six CDs had a crafty hollow space taking good care of your personal items, very few we imagine. Similarly your personal items can be kept in food cans, books, candles and rocks in the household stash section, good enough to fool any intruder. Check through the stash selection now and find just the item you are looking for.

For those who can't resist objects that look like one thing but are actually secretly something else entirely, Shiva is proud to present our devilishly cunning stash containers disguised as cigarette lighters. Or Stash Lighters, as we like to call them.

Perfect for tucking away an emergency £10 note or some of the precious little items you'd prefer to keep private, our Stash Lighters look exactly like a common-or-garden Clipper lighter, right down to the spark that flares briefly into life when you try to light it, like it's just run out of gas and needs refilling. All our Stash Lighters come with real flints.

Those who enjoy a little playful subterfuge will find this hard to resist. But seriously, it really does keep the things you want shielded from prying eyes securely hidden in the hollow stash chamber that forms the bigger part of the barrel. And you needn't worry about the more light-fingered amongst your friends and associates: who'd want to pinch an “empty” lighter from you anyway?

But we've taken camouflage to a whole new level with our fiendishly clever Ignition Stash Lighter. It actually contains a small amount of lighter fuel so that it really lights when the flint is flicked. But as with all our stash lighters, it has another secret: its hollow stash chamber, disguised as the barrel of the lighter itself. There's even a riotously colourful range of Rastafarian Stash Lighters to choose from.

Perhaps the top prize for crafty camouflage should go to our diabolically clever Car Cigarette Lighter Stash Pot. Brilliantly designed to fit in your car's 12V socket like a standard car lighter, it too has an inner secret: a hollow interior that functions as a stash pot. Great for stashing a small quantity of prescription meds or any other precious little possessions you'd prefer to be discreet about.

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